MercoSur wake the f#ck up. The Pacific Alliance is coming.

All kidding aside… the article link below explains how a country called Ecuador, wants to become a member of a trade bloc known as Mercosur. This article may well as be titled Mercosur starts...
Posted On 22 Jun 2013
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Investvine: Latin America and ASEAN forging closer ties

While the northern hemisphere has been struggling to solve internal crunches, new trade, investment and cooperation axes were being formed globally. In this scenario, ASEAN and Latin America are moving closer. via Investvine: Latin America and ASEAN forging closer ties.
Posted On 10 Jun 2013
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US should look South and seek regional integration with Latin America

J2Z’s Pelosky on Emerging-Market Stocks, Fed
Posted On 23 May 2013
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Geopolitics and Journalism – Robert D. Kaplan of Stratfor

“Robert D. Kaplan on Geopolitics and Journalism is republished with permission of Stratfor.” Read more: Robert D. Kaplan on Geopolitics and Journalism | Stratfor
Posted On 23 Jan 2013
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Chilean leader sees LatAm-China ties promising

[Source] : The Global Times Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said Thursday he anticipated fruitful relations between Latin America and China. The bilateral relations have been important as “China is turning into Latin America’s biggest trade partner, and has been...
Posted On 22 Jan 2013
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REUTERS reports: Secret UK files lift lid on Thatcher-Reagan Falklands contacts

Secret UK files lift lid on Thatcher-Reagan Falklands contacts [Source] : Reuters By Alessandra Prentice LONDON | Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:10pm EST (Reuters) – Britain’s former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher wrote an emotional letter to U.S. President Ronald Reagan during...
Posted On 28 Dec 2012
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Apologies for lack of updates — Traveling in Myanmar (Burma)

  I must apologize to all readers for the lack of updates during the past 2-3 weeks. I was traveling in Myanmar (Burma) with very limited access to the internet, and when access was available speeds were quite slow. ~ Bennett
Posted On 16 Dec 2012
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CCTV: Exclusive: Fmr. U.S. ambassador to China: U.S.-China relations very improtant

The former US Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, says it’s vital that newly re-elected President Barack Obama takes steps to improve America’s relationship with China. Mr Huntsman has been speaking to CCTV’s Mike Walter about China’s National Party Congress, and the country’s...
Posted On 11 Nov 2012
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Some stories I would have posted from the past 2 weeks (part 1)

Over the past two weeks I’ve been in military mode studying for the HSK Exam 新汉语考试HSK ( and therefore postings have been relatively light. Below I present the first round of  articles which caught my attention. Latin America: Latin America’s...
Posted On 29 Oct 2012
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